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Soul Mates

57 x 45 x 15 cm


Limited edition of 15

Standard Base: Granite

Alternative base: black powder-coated stainless steel

According to Greek mythology, humans originally had a head with two faces, fours arms, four legs and one soul. Zeus feared their power so he split their bodies in half and scattered them around the world. Humans would spend their lives wandering the earth in search of their missing half-soul rather than trying to overthrow the gods. I originally created this as a digital sculpture and then 3D printed its two faces. These faces were turned into masks and then given to different travelers who would carry the masks with them around the world. Just like the ancient myth, the male and female faces are currently wandering the earth until hopefully reuniting with each other. I later wanted to give the piece a more fragmented look to represent how the figures had been torn apart so I sculpted it again by hand this time before casting it in bronze.


In some cases, the patina (colour of the bronze) and the sculpture's base can be customised at the clients request.  Sculptures are shipped world-wide.  

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