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Artwork Enquiries

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James Cook exclusively crafts limited edition sculptures. Whenever a new piece debuts, existing collectors and followers receive priority. Subscribe for an early glimpse of upcoming sculptures and enjoy exclusive pre-launch offers on new creations before they're unveiled to the public. Artworks are released 3-4 times per year.

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How can I purchase a sculpture from James Cook? 

James Cook’s bronze sculptures can be purchased directly from the artist. Please navigate to the “contact” page and complete an enquiry form with your contact details and the name of the artwork that you are interested in. James will reach out to you to confirm pricing, availability and delivery timelines.  If you are interested in proceeding, James will issue an invoice which contains payment details. 

What will the artwork look like in my home?

You are welcome to contact James' team and request that the artwork be photoshopped into an image of your home to help visualise what it will look like in your space. 

Can I commission a custom sculpture?

James is mostly focused on bringing his own designs to life. However, in some cases James will accept custom sculpture commissions. Please feel free to reach out with a request. 

What material are James Cook’s sculptures made from?

James’ work is originally sculpted using wax, clay or plasticine. A mould is made from the original sculpture in order to cast it into bronze. The mould can be reused to cast multiple editions of the sculpture in bronze. Each sculpture is a limited edition artwork that has its unique edition number engraved into it.  After the full edition has been cast, the mould is destroyed to prevent further editions from being cast. 

How long will it take for a sculpture to arrive after it has been ordered?

If the sculpture has already been cast in bronze and it is available immediately, shipping will be initiated shortly after payment has been received. Construction of a crate together with professional packaging usually takes 2-3 days. Thereafter the sculpture will be dispatched. 

If the sculpture has not been cast in bronze yet, a lead time of two months is required to cast and ship the sculpture. 

Please submit an enquiry form on the "Contact" page of this website to enquire about the specific timelines of the artworks that you are interested in. 

Are James Cook’s sculptures shipped internationally?

Yes, all sculptures are shipped worldwide.

Can bronze sculptures be placed outside without cover?

Yes, bronze sculptures are durable and may be placed outdoors. 

Do James Cook’s sculptures come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, all sculpture are shipped with a certificate of authenticity

How can I stay up to date with James Cook’s work?

James regularly posts updates about his work and his process on:

Instagram: James.Cook_Artist


Where can I view the prices of James Cook’s sculptures?

Please submit a contact form to request the prices of the artworks that you are interested in. 

I have more questions/ would like to learn more

You are welcome to reach out to James using the above contact form to ask any further questions or to set up a call. 

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+27 76 517 5282

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