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Option 1:

Size: 146 x 87 x 42 cm (life-sized figures)

Edition: Limited edition of 12

Option 2:

Size: 60 x 35 x 17 cm

Edition: Limited edition of 15

Material: Bronze

Colour/ Patina options: Silver or Sandstone 

Base: Stainless Steel (Black)

When I began creating art, my objective was pure realism. However, as I improved, I found that my works became less engaging. I soon understood that the realistic forms were easily comprehended, leading to passive viewing and disengagement. This insight drove me to create pieces that encouraged the viewer to actively engage by trying to decipher the artwork. I incorporate fragmented shapes and textures that guide the viewer's eye throughout the piece, unveiling smaller elements within larger ones. These textures evoke feelings of satisfaction, even if the viewer can't pinpoint why. I use texture lines to accentuate certain forms while disrupting others. The result is a natural and organic appearance, with just the right amount of repetition to intrigue our pattern-seeking minds but not enough to satiate them so we continue exploring.

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