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Free Fall


235 x 130 x 60 cm


Limited edition of 12

This sculpture is called "Free Fall" and it speaks to the brevity of life. Life can feel like falling out of the sky and hurtling towards our inevitable fate. This sculpture represents the decision to lean into the process which can make our falling feel like soaring. The figure's descent is a metaphor for the challenges and obstacles that we all face in life, which can sometimes feel like a free fall. However, the figure's expression and posture suggest that there is a sense of liberation and exhilaration that can be found in embracing the journey. The figure's posture conveys both a sense of vulnerability and strength as they face their descent with determination and courage. 


Standard Base: Black Powder-coated stainless steel


In some cases, the patina (colour of the bronze) and the sculpture's base can be customised at the clients request.  Sculptures are shipped world-wide.  

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